Praise from Gurus

Terri Levine

Levine holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, and is a Master Coach. She is also a published author and currently has 10 books in print, including Sell Without Selling, Coaching Is for Everyone, and Work Yourself Happy.


Praise from the film industry

Posted on 07/19/2009

Chris Zubryd worked with me on a Dandy Warhols music video for which I was the art director. Chris did the graphic design for (among other things) a prop book used in the music video. Working with Chris was seamless. His work was on time, on budget and exactly what the director of the video & I wanted. I recommend him as if my reputation was on the line.

Alethea Root
Art Director for the Oscar winning short film “West Bank Story” & “Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.” Director of “Beautiful.”


Praise from Prestidigitators

Posted on 07/09/2009

Thanks Chris for the excellent job and flexibility. Your artistic vision enabled me to bring my logo design to reality. The details truly do make for perfection.

Dan Chan

Internationally recognized / professional magician


Praise from the web

Posted on 06/27/2009

Shear genius. I recommend this to anybody who wants to market anything. I may use this as a training video for my business…

Comment from google video



Praise from designers

Posted on 06/25/2009

WOW, chacka, chacka oder so ähnlich!

Good stuff for good people,

Kirstin Becker

Advertising/design, Berlin, Germany


Praise from pros

Posted  on 06/25/2009

Excellent documentary…(loved) the ‘Cardiff Giant’ story and the ad exec who said, “Delete the word ‘image’ from your mind”…Well done!

Victor Antonio

Motivational Speaker

World famous video

Posted on 06/25/2009

Internationally recognized video:

“I watched the documentary and i really liked it . . .”

“I’m a third year design student (New Zealand) and one of our lecturers sent us the link to the youtube video to study in our graphic design class.”

Israel Dickson

Salesman Harvey Norman



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